Gammelstua (300 years old)

This is a cosy old timber house with two floors. It has beds for 10-11 people. This house has old painted walls and some of the original furniture is still there.

The kitchen: This house has an ordinary well equipped kitchen, with all the necessary cutlery, cold and hot water, a stove and a fridge.
The living room: An oven fired with wood, old-fashioned furniture like a rocking chair, a cradle, sofa bench, long table and benches, a small round table with chairs, and an old-fashioned cupboard as well as a more modern sofa with table.
Upstairs: The stairs are very steep. There are two bedrooms, one large one with bunks for seven people and one small one with an old-fashioned double bed.

Prize: from 600 NOK pr. night and from 3900 NOK for a week.
We can do your washing for 60 NOK a machine.
Bedclothes are also 60 NOK.

All the buildings are placed round an open courtyard, with a special peacefully atmosphere.