The museum and cafe

As you enter the old farmyard at Vestre Sorken it is like going back in time. In the summer the museum is open, and the entrance price includes a guided tour of the whole farm.

Sights and activities at the farm

At the farm you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, or maybe take a quick morning dip in the lake. If you are staying at the farm, a guided tour of the grounds and museum are included in the price. But should you wish to be more active we have a lot to offer. Two small boats are at the guest's disposal. You can hire nets and other fishing-gear. And should you have luck and catch a fish or two we can smoke it for you. We also suggest rod fishing from the riverbank. You can hire rods and by fishing-permits about one km away or through ( The children can participate in feeding the calves and maybe take them for a walk around the lake, finishing with grilled sausages at the north end of the lake - by the farm.

Sights and activities in the aria

The area has a lot to offer too, with untouched forests, reindeer, elk, bears and a rich bird life. On summer there is a ferry crossing the lake, the Femund II from Elgå. Canoes can be rented at the neighbour's, one kilometre away ( And should you like more speed you can go rafting on the Femund-river. You can also go hunting in the beautiful nature. The other lakes also offer good varied fishing in summer as in winter. There is pike, perch, whitefish, trout, røe and grayling. The summer dairy, Marikroken, sells traditional mountain food every Sunday from 11 - 15. The place is still in use as a summer farm. The farmer and his livestock all move up into the mountain in order to use the pasture up here while the home fields get a rest. They have cows, calves, goats, kids and geese.

The municipality of Engerdal lies in the commune of Hedemark. It borders on Sweden in the East and the county of Sør-Trø;ndelag to the north. The nearest municipal centres are Engerdal and Drevsjø. But the habitation is scanty. The lakes, rivers, forests and open mountain landscape are still, as they always have been, the main source of income for the community. Most of Engerdal is 600-800m above sea-level. It is 2195 km2 and houses 1450 inhabitants. It also houses Norways southernmost reindeer-farming saami-community.

There are two national parks in Engerdal: Femunden and Gutulia. Femunden is Norway's largest natural lake. It has rich fishing, is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, and has always been important for its richness of game. There is a little ferry called Femunden II that crosses the lake in the summer.

The area has a lot to offer, whether you like going for lonely walks in beautiful surroundings, or participating in organised activities. The surroundings have all you can wish for of silence and greatness among "untouched" mountains and in large forests, or wildness and drama along the river. You might even have the luck of running into any of the for great animals of the forest; bear, wolf, lynx or glutton.

Gutulia national park

This area with its summer dairies just has to be seen when one is in the visiting this part of the cuntry. The highest buildings belong to Vestre Sorken and have been in use for 200 years, right up until 1949. The buildings are now National Heritage and newly restored. We have an open café there and sell waffles and coffee. The National park is 20 km north south of Vestre Sorken. The last three kilometres have to be made on foot along the banks of lake Gutuli.

Femundsfestievalen is a music festival with mainly accordion music, organised by the Femund fishing society. It takes place around 26th-29th of July. There is also a small market.

Engerdalsdagene is a music festival with ordinary modern music. It takes place in summer time:

The diploma of ten mountain peaks

There are many interesting mountains to climb in Engerdal. And should you reach the peak of 8 out of ten you can get a diploma at any tourist office or overnight facility in the aria. It depicts a small map showing the layout of the mountains. The peaks in question are: Store Svuku 1416 meters above se level, Elgåhogna 1460 meters above sea level, Gloføkkakampen 1326, Sorkvola 1012, Storhøa 1139, Kvitvola 1153, Svarthammeren 1141, Østerhogna 1185, Galtøsknappen 980 and Vardfjellet 958.

A day trip to Røros is also a very worthwhile experience. The old wooden mining village is on UNESCO'S list of important world heritage. It is 120km north of Sorken.