Here at our farm we can offer you good sleeping and cooking facilities. You can hire the space you need among several, differently sized houses surrounding the old farmyard of this very old and traditional farm, placed in the gorges and picturesque surroundings of the banks of lake Femunden. In this little knot of farms called Sorken in the municipality of Engerdal we are sure you can find peace and a strong experience of wild nature.
The farm houses are beautifully placed around an old-fashioned farmyard, where they where placed as the wealth and need of the farm increased. And as the farm has always been a "horse change inn" with overnight facilities, the houses are well suited for good living conditions. And for those to whom that might be important, the place is utterly free of any large or ugly modern buildings.
The farm has housed travellers on their way to Røros from Sweden since the beginning of the 18th century. In addition to the houses we have a private museum open in the summer.

Price indication: from 400 NOK a night up to 600 for a weekend. Prices differ on the type of cottage. You can rent a cottage for a week from nok 2400 up to nok 3900. 

Sent us an e-mail for more information or call us: +47 4024 8268

On historic ground!

Our family has lived on the farm for several generations. And we are proud to be able to present you with much of the farm's history in our own little farm museum. We have collected many interesting farm objects, and the vicar's cottage is also part of our museum. Free entry is included for all our overnight guests.

How to find us?

Sorken lies as far north-east as you can get in Hedmark right on the border to Sweden.

Traveling from Oslo by car you take the E6 straight north, turning off on the R3 to Elverum where you take the R25 to Trysil. Out of Trysil you follow the R26 north to Drevsjø. where you continue to the south end of Lake Femunden. There you should find a sign to Elgå and Sorken. The trip should take 3,5 -4 hours.

Traveling from Trondheim by car, you cantake the E6 south towards Oslo. Turn off into road R30 heading for Røros, This city is a sight you should not miss). Road 26 takes you from Røros to Drevsjø. Right before Drevsjø, you can take road 221 to Elgå and Sorken. That's the road where Vestre Sorken feriegård is after some miles.

Vestre Sorken Feriegård
2443 Drevsjø Norway
tel: +47 6245 9174
or : +47 4024 8268

e-mail:Vestre Sorken Feriegård